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September 23, 2013

That Dry Waffle
Monday. Foyle's War finished up around ten-thirty, ten forty-five, so to bed by eleven, to sleep whenever sleep chose to come. I don't often remember if it came quickly or slowly, but we were in bed, still feeling a slight buzz and looking for any ocular symptoms that may have appeared. Did I have a slight off taste in the mouth? Was it dry? Sleep came, who really knows any of the answers?

Up this morning at nine. No way I was going to get up at six when the alarm went off. Just turned over and three hours went by. Slow getting up and preparing to leave for breakfast. Take the car, pay the $3 to park? Turned left at the lobby and the building front door rather than right to the garage so the decision was made, but not by my rational self, the body just, well, turned away from the light right.

Feel fine getting back from breakfast. It's eleven, closer to twelve as I write, the sinuses loosening up over breakfast, still aching, but giving me the feeling (as it's been doing now for this last year) that something is happening up there that's for the better. A product of thinking the glass is half full, an active sinus cavity could mean something less. We'll ask the neurologist the next time I see him at the end of the year.

So? No ocular effects from yesterday? Probably not, but we'll fly the straight and narrow now for the while, although we had the single pork chop breakfast instead of the waffle. I suspect their “seasonings” and whether or not they remember to be careful when they're doing mine. And I was hungry. We're still at the target weight, right at the target weight, and so when the whim appears we indulge.

You didn't think a whit about any potential ocular aspects at all.

True. Only just now when thinking about it. No thinking then at all.

Later. A nap. Of course. A decent nap, more fuzzy headed traveling through foggy places than actual sleep, but nothing to complain about. Up to futz with a picture or two. I use a full camera frame portrait image up top for each entry, which means it needs to be a picture created without cropping and so there are times when I run short. No pictures from the weekend, for example, so no full frame portrait images to add to the stash.

Anyway, went back and picked one (checking for dimensions) from the Solano Stroll, looking at the thing and then running the original camera image through Lightroom and Photoshop again, changing both the picture up top and the one posted to artandlife with the new one. Not sure I like the way I've played with the lighting on the face, but I think it's at least marginally better.

Another indication I need time to learn both Lightroom and Photoshop, something I say I'll do, but never follow through. I figure if I'd stayed with photography instead of quitting as a teenager I'd have just about learned how to do it by now. Slow, we are, but sure.


Intermittently sure. Eventually sure. Mostly sure. Sure.

Later still. Eighty-one degrees Fahrenheit at four in the afternoon. Welcome to the fall here in Oakland. The balcony door is all the way open, the fan is on high and I'm sitting here bitching. Close to bitching. Otherwise a nice day, the earlier trip two hours ago for ice cream and lemonade at the usual place seemed cooler under the sun in a t-shirt than it is now. Ah, well.

Evening. OK, an ocular event, the world changing into something completely non-rational for about half an hour while sitting at the computer. Takes a little time to flash to the fact you're completely out of it and go lie down on the bed and let it pass, but I think we've driven the stake into the spreadable sharp cheddar's heart. No loss. Just the name tells you there's something fundamentally wrong in eating it.

The The Half Brother again at six (on Mondays). Started watching it and then changed to watch the last half of Democracy Now to finish listening what I'd started earlier this morning at their web site. The editor of The Guardian talking about the NSA and the Glenn Greenwald initiated series they're running, something I've been following more closely than many another.

I have to admit I wondered there for a while about the future. These ocular events have been coming along less frequently than they have in the past - good - but the body is clearly slowing (shutting?) down. How “quickly” might this proceed, this downward slide? Do they sometimes turn around at some point, go away for a while, give a reprieve? I suspect all three, but which one is to be mine?

Still, feel better, clear headed now. We'll watch whatever on television and get to bed at a decent hour, start with that dry waffle with sliced fruit on top for breakfast, skip this silly screwing around.

The photo up top was taken at the The Solano Stroll with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.