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September 24, 2013

We Do Learn
Tuesday. Nothing on television after about eight last night, so to bed thinking I'd get a good long night's sleep, but after I'd finished watching that last twenty minutes of The Girl Who Played With Fire. Interesting enough to get me to watch it all the way through, but not so interesting I'd watch it again. Another one of these “lady who goes to a gun fight without having checked to see her own gun is loaded” Scandinavian affairs. More of these I don't need.

Then I watched something called The Cabin In The Woods which I did not expect would hold my interest for more than the first few scenes. I'm not much into horror movies, there've been too many with the same themes and scenes. This one caught my interest. Something a little different.


I finally turned out the lights after midnight, took my time getting to sleep and then awoke before the alarm to get up feeling fine and heading off to breakfast and back thinking the day was starting well (sun, reasonably clear skies). Whatever I think is going to happen is more often wrong than right and there doesn't seem to be a way to tell.

Anyway, a guitar lesson later this afternoon and probably a nap later this morning, although the fires don't seem to be petering out quite yet and we're still cruising.

Later. So far, so good. A “light” nap, whatever that means, but refreshing none the less. Some of the usual futzing on the web going to the same news sites to see what was happening out there that is critical to the survival of mankind. Well, in addition to whatever was able to tweak my interest. One could live quite comfortably without the news I suspect.

A walk over to the lake to get out under the sun. No birds as such, a few people walking as there are always a few people walking, this one catching my interest. A KFC paper bag by his/her side, ear buds in place. Seems a bit elaborate for a Tuesday noon at the lake, but maybe it folds up/sets up more easily than the impression it creates. A picture of what's right or what's wrong in this society? Does society have anything to do with it? Worth a picture at least.

Later still. I suspect my going over the week's lesson before going to the lesson itself causes my fingers to become a little stiff when I start playing. The fingers do loosen up, but not after I've flubbed a number of chord changes. So we'll stop having quickie sessions prior to the lesson and maybe I won't continue to embarrass myself. If students like me give my instructor ulcers, he doesn't show it. Probably an important quality in taking on students.

Home now, feeling good, the head clear. Which is good.

Evening. So much for foreign detective series at six on Tuesday nights, I guess. They ran a less then interesting documentary (that I've skipped before) on the Comissario Montalbano series I find I can't stomach and so the Tuesday's at six well for the moment has run dry.

Still, feeling good. Some time on the guitar going over those chord changes more rapidly than I did at the lesson. Give the hands some time to pull themselves together (the left hand that fingers the strings, anyway) and they/it comes right back around and plays. So we'll remember that for next week. (It's probably also good to have the song memorized and not miss the chord changes as we're glancing between the sheet music and the guitar frets.)

Maybe something on Netflix for the rest of the evening. No chance I'd get absorbed in something that would keep up up late after my recent transgressions. Certainly. We do learn.

The photo up top was taken yesterday afternoon along Lake Merritt with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.