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September 25, 2013

Let That Go
Wednesday. Walking back from breakfast after nine this morning, the sinuses feeling upbeat, the sun out, the air crisp and cool, the attitude good. I was thinking we'd stop talking about getting to bed early at the end of each and every one of these things and get on to something else of similarly dull and deadly interest. What, I'm not sure, but I suspect we'll know by the time this thing is written.

I was feeling good, the cool air flowing over the sinuses, the need for a nap still some hour or two in the future. Yes, a Netflix movie kept me awake last night. Not a very good movie, but most of the movies on Netflix aren't very good. How many of any of the movies they release in a year are really any good? Different people make different choices, of course, but still?

Anyway, a photo of the change in gas prices, a photo of the pandorea blossoms caught moving in the breeze as I was leaving, one of the street people I find I have trouble denying having emptied my wallet walking on the way back to the apartment and so we'll look forward to a trip to an ATM before the day is complete. Other than that, a nap. Life travels its familiar path, here in, well, here.

Later. A nap, a good nap, and then up to watch the last race of the America's Cup. No, I haven't followed it at all, but a comeback like this one, how could I not? Besides, it was broadcast on a station I can receive with the rabbit ears.

I have cousins and friends who sail, who've sailed most of their lives, but, particularly after moving from Seattle to New York, my sailing/boating life/interest was ended. Too bad about that. From water to cement. In Seattle, at least when I was growing up, boating was a big deal not at all limited to people with money.

You could rent a small boat with an inboard motor from places all along the shore of Puget Sound to take out fishing and half the city took advantage of them. OK, “half”. A whole bunch. A large percentage. Blue collar as well as white collar. We did. One reason the loss of salmon is so important there: practically everyone has caught them for dinner.

Anyway, quite a race. The first time I've really seen these monsters doing their thing. So hooray for team U.S.A., hooray for team New Zealand, now to get out the door and go by an ATM so we can get something for lunch.

Later still. I couldn't talk myself into catching a bus to the ATM on Broadway, so I walked over to the Lakeshore ATM and then back around to have ice cream and a lemonade at the usual place. A walk then back by the lake, taking half a dozen pictures with the old D2X with the 180mm f/2.8 lens. A bit clunky, the old D2X, but it does take a nice picture under good light and the smaller CMOS sensor chip makes a 180mm lens into a 270. A different way to see the picture world. I should do it more often.

Back now, the day warm, the usual news programs droning on in the background. Some guitar, a look at whatever is coming up at six. Gotta get in the guitar, though, follow up on yesterday's good session.

Evening. Looked at last Wednesday's entry to see what was playing at six, noticed the last couple of paragraphs were incomprehensible, did a quick rewrite and then slid into the usual wondering about how many of these entries are suffering the same problem.

You could take a look through them and find out.

Too scary a thought. We'll check out the last week's six o'clock show each evening, a day at a time, and see if they're consistently crap.

Anyway, tonight they're repeating the episode I watched with discomfort two weeks back - last week was lost when they went off the air with technical issues - so we've continued with the last half of Democracy Now and then switched to the Wednesday-Thursday evening Korean soap. The long silent pauses in the action interspersed with the utterance of an occasional word Korean soap. They grimace. I grimmace. The one with the princess who's disguised as a young man.

We've started on the guitar, but just. Don't want to let that go.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland Pride Festival with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.