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September 26, 2013

Bed At Eleven
Thursday. A good ten hours sleep, up at eight-thirty on a sunny quite nice morning, the head coming together at its usual slow pace. No complaints, it does finally come together before I reach the morning restaurant, but why so much sleep? Another question asked too many times without a decent answer. Maybe I'm a late night person and I need to get to bed late and up late, have breakfast late and essentially start the day when all this is complete at noon. Like today. Hey.

Anyway, a walk to breakfast debating whether to walk or not all the way to the apartment front door, the body rather than the mind finally making the decision. A good walk, it's only a little over half a mile, goes quickly, clears the head. The morning café isn't crowded on weekday mornings, so no guilt over them having saved a my table.

Walking back, of course, I ran into another street person whom I'm not able to decline, so we didn't save any parking meter money. Again no complaints, there's a difference. Many I avoid, some, generally those who have long since left this world, I've decided to take care of when I can.

Yesterday's was a meth freak, a dead man walking; today's was a woman who's gone to Jesus, lost in her own void. One says he's looking to buy a burger for breakfast, the other following a path of her own invention toward God. Both need to eat.

You're making excuses by saying you're not making excuses.

I'm wondering why I brought it up.

Later. No thought to take a nap after last night, a bus downtown just to get out of the apartment, getting off at the City Center to have a cup of coffee (the one place I add sugar to my coffee) and to watch the people pass by. I'd taken the D2Xs camera with the 18mm-200mm f/3.5-5.6 lens, giving a range of 27-300mm since it has the smaller CMOS sensor, again seeking to see a bit differently and to remind myself of what kind of picture the older cameras still take.

The advantage is a smaller package (almost all of which is due to the smaller lens) that will really reach out and still have a wide angle option. The picture quality, at least in a well lighted area, is OK, but not up to what you can get with a full frame camera with better quality larger aperture glass. Still, something different, something to put the head in a different place, something to argue with myself about.

Back on the bus to the apartment. I was thinking of staying on to have lunch at the usual place, but I wasn't in the mood to eat anything or to just sit out at a table with, say, a lemonade. Ice cream? Sure, I can always eat ice cream, but better with an appetite. Home now after a brief loop over and along the lake.

An odd thought as I was at the computer with my Adobe software updating, Photoshop this time, looking through some of the other software they have available. I've thought to taking the time to teach myself how to do a proper web site, most of it thinking about using the WordPress software that's so versatile and attractive, but haven't done anything with it (other than to buy and then not read the occasional how to book). Why not learn to code the stuff in something like one of these Adobe apps? Use some of this time I now have on something more than learning how to play the guitar?

No big deal, such a thought, but it was a little different in how appealing it felt. This clear headed, sinuses on the fritz reality of mine, doesn't usually get me to a place where I'm seriously thinking of taking on a large project. In this case something I can do inside, maybe keep me going when I'm not longer willing or able to do all that much walking anymore (other than to go over to the lake, sit on a bench and take a picture of the occasional cormorant). So, an interesting thought on what has turned into an interesting day. We are pleased.

Evening. I managed to avoid pretty much everything on television this evening while playing guitar and watching a couple of things on Netflix. Sometimes you get lucky with Netflix. Anyway, I went to bed after nine thinking I wouldn't stay up to see the first of the new Elementary series that was playing at ten.

Too late to watch an hour long program at ten, but found I was still awake and bright-eyed when it was ten and so I watched Elementary. Why? I like some of it obviously, but the Holmes character stretches the canon too far. The casting of Lucy Liu as a female Watson I like a lot (OK, I also like Ms. Liu a lot), but what am I babbling about? Still, whatever my rationale, whatever was said and done, I got to bed at eleven.

The photo up top was taken yesterday along Lake Merritt with a Nikon D2Xs mounted with an 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 G VR Nikkor lens.