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September 30, 2013

Forty Below
Monday. To bed last night after Foyle's War before eleven, up at seven-thirty (not having set the alarm - no car, no need to worry about meters) to walk to breakfast and back on an overcast, cool with some chance of rain, morning. The last day in the month of September. Fall is here, winter approaches.

Still, there are street festivals and such in October, we're still in the middle of things as we approach the end, no need for introspection until then. A nap soon, maybe. A call to AAA to see if they will come out to change the tire. I think they do. If I remember correctly. When's the last time I've had to make one of these calls? Been a while.

Later. The Folsom Street Fair section is done and posted. Last year over a hundred pictures, this year thirty. Ah, well. Next year, next year.

AAA say they're on the way, the Honda dealer says bring it in and they'll do an inventory of the damage, hopefully keeping it no more than overnight. I can live without the car for the week, usually don't use it on weekends other than to drive to breakfast, I suspect I may get to liking this walking to breakfast if I can sleep in late. What use the car? Doctor appointments and supermarket runs. Hmm. There is a Zipcar location just at the bottom of my hill. Maybe I can make a change?

You won't.

No, but I'm tempted. You can never tell.

Later still. The AAA truck came by, filled the tire with air, said it should hold until I got it to the dealer's repair shop, hoped he was right, turned out to be true. Car at the dealer's at least until tomorrow, maybe longer. Life will not end, the days will go on and breakfast will be served, but a little later than usual. After a good night's sleep. Complicated, perhaps, but with our short term memory losses lately, complicated blurs away and doesn't come back.

A bus to Grand, a walk home passing the lake and taking a picture. Entering the apartment I had to ask myself “had I taken a picture?”, looked at the counter - said it had: four, to be exact - and (of course) remembered the lake and the cormorants when they appeared on the screen. Pretty exciting day for a Monday, here in Oakland, if I could but remember it.

Evening. Some guitar, not enough, but then it's never enough. I hadn't thought about the car being in the shop for the guitar lesson tomorrow. Don't feel like packing the guitar the mile to the lesson, so we'll put it off. A day or two. Or until next week. Too easily made, that decision? I am prepared. Mostly.

Not much on television, but I did watch the two British women detectives take on some of the usual suspects at nine. Interesting twist on the genre. I find I'm liking them. To bed by ten without having to set the alarm. No car, no need to set an alarm. Hmm. Could it be I might get used to this walking (later) in the mornings. In the winter? In the rain and the snow (and the forty below)?

The photo up top was taken at the 2013 The Folsom Street Fair yesterday with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.