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October 1, 2013

Appointment Tomorrow
Tuesday. Again, to bed before eleven, but up this morning without an alarm at just before eight, walking to breakfast to arrive at eight-thirty to have breakfast and read the papers for a leisurely hour and a half. We can do this. The morning clear, the temperature cool, but nice.

No guitar lesson later and we'll learn the fate of the car. Pick up today? Tomorrow? A day of uncertainly in a life of uncertainty, we'll make the most of it. Take a picture or two before and after a nap. Hup! A Tuesday. Not much to work with without a guitar lesson hanging over our head. Oddly, it's the things that hang over our heads that give us structure, something to prepare for and, if your childhood held music lessons long in the past, dread.

You seem to be injecting a bit more drama into these music lessons than they deserve, don't you think?

You'd think.

Later. Again, a nice day. Couldn't think of a single reason to go downtown, but headed out and got on a bus anyway, getting off at Latham Square just as a truck was delivering and setting up tables on the Broadway side. They've opened the Telegraph side to traffic and added a string of overhead lights, so they continue to look for ways to attract users. Maybe a little coffee stand, although I'm sure the local eateries wouldn't like it.

So a walk on to the City Center for coffee out at a table to watch the people walk by during the noon hour. I guess I enjoy watching people's faces, attitudes, the way they carry themselves. No judgments (that I'm aware of, although I haven't thought too much about that aspect), but an obvious interest. Maybe an interest that's lead to cameras and photographs.

A bus then to the morning café for lunch, pastry and a lemonade. I'd thought of having the chicken salad in the Rotunda building, but the Genji tables were taken and I wasn't yet hungry enough. Back to the apartment to listen to the news in the background (have you heard they've shut the federal government down?!) and pick up the guitar. It's two-thirty right now when I'd usually be at my lesson.

Play on, McDuff!

Eat lunch when you're not hungry, play rock and roll when you no longer listen to rock and roll anymore. Except for the ring tone on your phone. Go figure.

Later still. Some work on the Folsom images adding a couple behind the little thumbnails. There are some I'd have used if I'd had enough additional good ones, not that they're special, but because there's something about them I like.

That's been one big change over the years. As you walk along shooting you see the expressions that make you stop and shoot. You don't always catch what you were after at the first seeing, many a slip between cup and lip, but I'm realizing my percentage of pictures that I think have turned out is quite a bit higher.

Similarly for the Folsom Fair. Then again, it was crowded and I was tired, maybe I wasn't willing to raise the camera unless an image absolutely screamed. Then again (again), maybe we're becoming a little obsessive out here, not enough reality creeping into our little bubble to let the obviously off ideas drop.

Evening. Episodes 101 (and 102) this evening at six of Antigone 34, so they're starting this particular series over again as they did with series they're running on Mondays. So much for Mondays and Tuesdays. One suspects this particular network is having financial difficulties, no money for programs. I may have to find something else to waste my time on in the evenings. Hard to quite match the mind numbing character I've found in these particular programs though.

There's always broadcast TV, Netflix and the World Wide Web.

I deserve that.

To bed early. Good. They called to say the car was ready this afternoon and I said I'll pick it up after breakfast and my haircut appointment tomorrow.

The photo up top was taken of Liliane Hunt at the 2013 The Folsom Street Fair Sunday with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.