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Here In Oakland

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October 2, 2013

Then Left Flat
Wednesday. Up at a quarter after seven to walk to breakfast and then take the bus from the café downtown to stop by the Broadway ATM on the way to the City Center for the scheduled haircut. OK, worked like a charm, the hair now much shorter. Good for us.

A bus then to pick up the car. Six hundred bucks for a flat tire (and the idiotic broken back window). There was no mention of the flat tire on the bill, but the tire seemed OK on the drive back. What really happened there? We'll check it in the morning and for mornings to come, just to be sure. No more flat tires in the garage. No more broken windows.

Back to take a look at yesterday's entry before posting. Some odd spelling glitches. I say “glitches” rather than errors because the brain was obviously typing a completely different word than the one I thought I was writing. Why hadn't I picked them up yesterday? How many didn't I notice this morning before posting? The rationality of the narrative? Well, not much we can do about that other than to wince. We're perfecting our wince.

A nap when I got home. A walk to the usual place for lunch? I'm hungry, but again, not willing to move. A pound under the target weight when I awoke, no problem there, but I've often wondered if this is the way younger thin people manage their day to day diet. Those periods when I was thin were done at some psychological expense. This weight I'm carrying now is done by some mechanism I seem to have no control over. A psychological expense in it? Probably. There seems to be stress inherent in most everything else.

Later. A bit of a nap, let the body wind down from wherever it had gotten to with this morning's minimum effort, then a walk to the morning café for a turkey with Swiss sandwich and a lemonade. Good. Nice out there in a t-shirt, an amble back, the news now on in the background (the government's been shut down?), the guitar sitting, watching me from its cradle. Another afternoon in Oakland.

Later still. Made nice with the guitar,stroking strumming the many chords for this week's (and last week's and the week before that week's) lesson. Good. All this to the news playing in the background. We'll continue through to evening.

Evening. Checking last Wednesday's “Evening” entry in which I bitched about the less than incomprehensible gibberish in the entry for the week before, I discovered my bitching entry was itself riddled with gibberish. So maybe we go back from time to time and make the odd correction - yes - pumps the attitude, but no more talking. Stick with pictures.

A German series starting this evening at six, evidently about a lawyer and his clients, the first episode starting with a doctor having chopped his wife to pieces and then, as the lawyer's client, relating the story to the lawyer prior to the trial. A tale of why one decides to kill his wife after decades of marriage. The doctor got three years.

Not, from my perspective, what the doctor ordered. We switched to another program. Maybe we'll warm to it in later episodes when he has more likable clients. You know: murderers, rapists and loan sharks. Well, murderers and loan sharks.

To bed early, this evening. Maybe see if I can start another Netflix movie. I have about ten in the cue I've started and watched for various lengths of time and then left flat.

The photo up top was taken at the 2013 The Folsom Street Fair Sunday with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.