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October 3, 2013

Why Not Cable?
Thursday. A drive to breakfast (yay!) this morning after getting up with the alarm at six, the day clear and cool. No flat tires. Various glitches caught in editing yesterday's entry continuing the string of memory lapses (small, silly memory lapses that I do catch soon enough, but lapses none the less) before posting with more still in there, I'm sure, to be caught should I look at it again. This new decade continues.

Nothing on the schedule, so a nap and then a trip downtown to pick up a needed item or two. Interesting how little it takes in the way of an errand to change my “hell no I won't go” into an “of course”. Maybe keep a stash of silly little errands to be used when needed to get my butt in gear.

Later. Lots of naps. I'll say that. I did get to bed early, but also awoke for what seemed to be a hazy lying in bed hour or so around one, so maybe not so much sleep. A nap and then a walk to the morning café for ice cream and lemonade near noon, a walk back along the lake running into these two testing their, um, bubbles.

People did stop in their tracks to watch. A picture or two and then on home to, well, take another nap. And then another nap. It's now approaching five and the day has gone, where I'm not sure. These days do come I guess, having experienced them now and again, but only every now and again. One hopes with many a better day in between.

Well, you can say no ocular events or the like in a while.

Knock on wood and shut your our mouth.

Evening. Easy to choose what to watch as there's nothing on other than chapter five of Dolmen at six, the series that's set off the coast of France with the silly script and matching actors. And yes, another new season Elementary, episode at ten. A day of naps to catch up on whatever sleep I've lost and I'm going to stay up for it and then go to bed at eleven? Why ask? Unless I could sneak off to sleep at seven.

I have to stop this never ending babble about television programs nobody watches. I do have access to the standard broadcast channels and, from what little I've seen, they're no better, culturally American or not. There's cable.

Everyone's been watching Breaking Bad and talking about the last episode of the fifth and last season. I've watched the first couple of chapters of the first season on Netflix and suspect it gets better as the main character progresses ever further over to the dark side. On cable. So why not cable?

The photo up top was taken at the 2013 The Folsom Street Fair Sunday with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.