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October 4, 2013

And Some Guitar
Friday. I did watch Elementary. I'd gone to bed at nine-thirty feeling tired and funky and such, but got up to watch the damned thing. Not terrible. As mentioned, stretches the canon a bit, but I like the idea of an Asian Jane Watson and, although the plots are cookie cutter similar in their design (everything fits together perfectly at five hundred miles an hour to contain it all in between the never ending commercials) and so I'm fan enough to stay up past my bedtime. If I really have a bedtime.

Anyway, up an hour after the alarm to head off to breakfast (drive off to breakfast after checking that tire) and back on a nice sunny, crisp, bright morning. The attitude, after finishing the papers and allowing the morning drugs to kick in: good. So good.

I realized after writing, but before posting yesterday's entry, I'd had something of a very slight ocular incident late yesterday afternoon. I'd walked over to the burger drive-in to take home a steak sandwich (quite hungry, actually) and I'm not sure they don't cook their meat in some combination of ingredients that contains MSG and whatever else makes the world change colors.

Anyway, I remember taking a nap after eating it and awakening to the radio playing in the background and groggily waiting on the news commentators to make sense. More a shift in reality to “bring the sound of their various voices into balance”. That description doesn't make sense, I know, but believe me, it's something you get (I get) with this ocular business. Just a brief episode, so brief I'd almost forgotten about it. Almost.

We have an APL reunion later at a club down at Jack London Square. I responded I'd attend, but I've been having second thoughts since and didn't send in my check. I can pay a premium at the door, not a big deal, but a sign of my hesitancy. One of the horoscopes in the paper this morning said go out and socialize and I seem to have used it as an excuse to decide to go, but it's morning and the party is later this evening and we're not there yet.

Later. A decent morning, no complaints. A bus downtown to get off at Latham Square and take a snapshot as I was walking to the Rotunda building for a Chinese chicken salad, whatever Genji calls what I'm terming a Chinese chicken salad. Close to those I've had in the past, anyway. Good. It was.

A walk by the City Hall to pass a Taiwanese ceremony of some kind going on, Taiwanese and American flags anyway. A bit bright, not sure I like the pictures. Over to the City Center to have a cup of coffee and do my usual watch the people walk by routine without lifting the camera.

A walk then all the way home because I felt like walking. A fairly brisk walk, given my usual gait, home now a little tired, but no complaints. Not very tired and the tiredness not lasting long. We'll see if it has any effect on the coming afternoon. If we're going to go to the APL affair we should get in our guitar practice early, although we'll make an attempt at a nap before that, I would think. A defensible way to put off practice. I'm good at that.

Later still. Again, a nice day. Maybe I can go by Bed, Bath & Beyond on my way to the APL reunion party and pick up those clothes hangers I've been wanting now for the last couple of months, get rid of the diddley ones I've been using. An exciting Friday afternoon, one might imagine, coat hangers after all.

Evening. One or two people I was hoping to say hello to did show up and that was nice, although I didn't really shoot any pictures. It was held at the Lungomare restaurant in Jack London Square itself (a new restaurant, opening in the last few months), but outside beside it in a fenced off area, and the light wasn't all that good and I obviously wasn't into taking photographs.

You need to go from group to group and ask them to face you, smile, snap the shot, the usual stuff and that's something I have to force myself to do. And so I crapped out. The newspaper horoscope said socialize. I have a hunch my approach this evening was not what they meant.

Anyway, I did park by Bed, Bath and Beyond and bought the hangers - good - arrived at the restaurant before six, said hello, had a Coke and left to get home just before nine. An uneventful drive home, the air still warm, back now to see what's on television for the rest of the evening and then to bed. Oh, and some guitar.

The photo up top was taken at Lake Merritt with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 135mm f/2.0 DC Nikkor lens.