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October 5, 2013

Gives You Hope
Saturday. To bed when? Actually well before ten, the six o'clock French Blood On The Docks episode playing again at nine last night a repeat of a recent one, and so no excuse to stay up late. Not the best night's sleep, but up late close to eight to then walk to breakfast and back, the air quite warm for nine in the morning, the sun bright. I could have worn a t-shirt and left the long sleeved shirt behind.

Still, a snapshot taken of the Grand Lake farmers market as I was returning home, another of the people walking around the lake. Quite a few people walking around the lake. I suspect this number is common early on weekends with a morning sun and temperatures like today's. I, in another earlier chapter, walked it during noon hours at work. Now that I'm retired I'm happy with a bus pass and ambles downtown and along the lake. No complaints.

The bottoms of the feet were aching when I awoke. The result of that two mile brisk walk from the downtown yesterday? Walking does it? They only ache without any weight put on them and generally in the mornings when I wake up. Another off the wall something to add to the mix?

Later. Eighty-five degrees with a projected high of eighty-eight (they're saying). My, my. More than t-shirt weather.

A walk over to the lake still wondering where I'd like to go. Not to the farmers market, not to the morning café for something to eat, not downtown. A picture just to take a picture. Going back to the apartment, crossing Grand just as the bus was pulling up, deciding to get on the bus, head downtown and have a cup of coffee and a bun out at a table in the City Center. Fine, enjoyable certainly, but I was really flat. What's appealing out there that I haven't done in a while?

Silly, of course, but these moods do come along. My choices, my problems. Some thought again to entirely redesign the journal site. Any real interest in that? Something to while away a few hours/days? Would it be a workable first step out of this? I'd think. Techie stuff. But not yet or I'd be doing it.

Mid-afternoon. Guitar. Play along with the song. (No, really!) Don't let it slide. (Please!)

Later still. I did forget there was a baseball game on last night, the end of which I could have watched. Similarly this evening, the A's playing their second game against Detroit (yes, I had to look it up: Detroit). Not good. Vaguely un-American. I once thought when I retired I might go to a game or two during the season, but put the idea aside. Won't, but there was indeed a time I followed the A's on the radio. The Bash Brothers at another time in a different place.

Will I watch it instead of Arne Dahl, both of which start at six? Switch back and forth to keep up with the play? If they repeat an earlier episode of this Dahl thing, of course, no problem, but they've only run three or four episodes so far and I doubt they've run out yet. But you never know around here, at least I don't.

Evening. Well, that solves that. The baseball game is playing on one of the cable channels and, since I don't have cable, I'm watching Arne Dahl which is, well, uneven but interesting enough. Episode one this week, a second episode next week. An odd series, Swedish, those long winters undoubtedly have an effect, but then that's probably what appeals.

Still warm here in the apartment, the windows wide open, the fan going, not comfortable sitting without turning it to follow me as I alternate between the computer and the television/guitar. More of the same chord progressions, but it does slowly improve, very slowly improve in fits and starts and, breaking your heart, it gives you hope.

The photo up top was taken this morning along Grand with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 50mm f/1.4 G Nikkor lens.