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November 5, 2009

Cut Short My Nap
Thursday. Silly me, I was one hundred and eighty degrees wrong yesterday on the not waking up with an aching upper teeth/palate in the mornings. It certainly is aching this morning, up and about, walking to breakfast, eating breakfast and now having returned, some of the meds kicking in, yes, but otherwise most unpleasant. It isn't as bad as a sinus headache. This is a guess, of course, you can't get into someone else's head to know, but descriptions I've heard of sinus headaches convince me they're a good measure worse. Still, this stuff never quite goes away and the mind and the body have had to make adjustments, not all of them wonderful. Hi, ho. Learning as we go.

An annual checkup in Palo Alto at the cardiologist's early this afternoon, a get together with the usual crew at Roy's later at six, so the day has some variety to it. I'm due for another blood test over at the hospital lab, but we'll let that go until at least tomorrow. Or next week. No need to pile more than one doctor's visit in the day is the way I'm thinking at the moment.

A quick nap before leaving.

Later. Still an hour's drive down to Palo Alto, an annual cardio stress test (it's weird to see the inside of your heart pumping on the screen), another forty minutes before the doctor came in to say all seemed well. Which is good, but sitting there for forty minutes it does occur to you one day he'll tell you something quite different. But not today, not this year. Two more annual exams coming up with other medicos looking for other issues and I'm done until next November comes.

Later still. Met with the usual crew at Roy's, a Guinness or two before we drove farther down to Jack London Square for an Indian dinner at a restaurant on Broadway I've walked by many times, idly wondering each time if their food was any good, two of my companions turning out to have experience with the place recommending it highly. A good (a very good, let's be honest) if light dinner (my appetite since that operation has been nil, particularly in the evenings), home now after nine in one piece.

And that's it? Roy's, dinner, now home?

It's Thursday, the long hard week almost done, the energy low, waiting on the coming weekend to recharge.

That's when you were working. Now, if you haven't noticed, you're retired!

The journey to Palo Alto, lying there on the table, walking faster and faster on that treadmill, waiting alone in a room for forty minutes for the doctor to arrive.

An hour's drive, a six minute walk, prognosis good and you're tired?

Ah, but you see, I had to cut short my nap.

The photograph was taken from a bus stop on Broadway catty corner to Sears with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 24 - 70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens at f 8 at 1/60th second, ISO 200.