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  December 1998 Archives

Dec 31st - Auld Lang Syne, I Me Mine
Dec 30th - 100 Hits and Counting
Dec 29th - Life in the Park
Dec 28th - Mind Wilted, Flowers Gone
Dec 27th - Whither Now, Mr. Wonderful? To...
Dec 26th - Other Journals, Some Thoughts
Dec 25th - Merry Christmas One and All
Dec 24th - Something a Little Different Eve
Dec 23rd - Easing On In
Dec 22nd - Playing With Toys
Dec 21st - Down the Slippery Slope to Christmas
Dec 20th - You Can Tough It Out, Kid.
Dec 19th - Keep It Bottled Up and....
Dec 18th - Impeachment Day Fried Rice
Dec 17th - Bombs, Bimbos, the Really Bizarre
Dec 16th - Back to Work, Break for Lunch
Dec 15th - Back to Oakland, Dear God....
Dec 14th - The Road Home
Dec 13th - The Family Party, December 1998
Dec 12th - On To Aunt Vivienne's We Go
Dec 11th - Memories of Living in a Real House
Dec 10th - Forgotten Our Password, Have We?
Dec   9th - Train I Ride, 16 Coaches Long
Dec   8th - Digital Cameras Won't Make You
Dec   7th - Dirty Negatives, Negative Thoughts
Dec   6th - Sunday, Patching it Together
Dec   5th - Saturday, Dribbling Into Dark....
Dec   4th - Is It Friday Yet?
Dec   3rd - Frames are the Invention of the Devil
Dec  2nd - HTML, Microsoft and Netscape
Dec   1st - A Promise Kept

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