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  January 2003 Archive

Jan 31st - All The Time
Jan 30th - Wanna Get Wet?
Jan 29th - Mind In Pieces
Jan 28th - Older Gets Older
Jan 27th - Things Happening
Jan 26th - Super Bowl Today
Jan 25th - Saturday, Grousing
Jan 24th - Something Like That
Jan 23rd - To Summer
Jan 21st - Out On Safari
Jan 20th - Day Of Reckoning
Jan 19th - No Way
Jan 18th - Anti-War America
Jan 17th - You've Been Holding
Jan 15th - Light and Shadow
Jan 13th - Time For A Nap
Jan 12th - The Beginning
Jan 11th - Rest Of His Music
Jan 10th - Don't You Think?
Jan   9th - We All Get Snippy
Jan   7th - Dirty White Wall
Jan   6th - In The Basement
Jan   5th - Better I Forget
Jan   4th - And Sleeping
Jan   1st - So There

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