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  January through October 1998 Archives

Oct  31st - Kicking Off the Ring Journal
Oct  30th - Oakland Cam
Oct  29th - The Beginning (with cat)

October 29th is the official "start" of the Sole Proprietor's journal. The entries below were originally posted under a "comments" section on my old North Bay Business Computers site, but give some idea of how this started.

Oct   5th - The Sole Prop Survives.
Sep 28th - Random Thoughts on Rock and Roll.
Sep 21st - The Solano Stroll Marks One Year.
Sep   5th - Berkeley Blues Festival Meets M.
Aug 31st - Examining Navel, Pioneer Square
Aug 24th - C.L. Moves On.
Aug 16th - Art. For Art's sake.
Jul   31st - Black & White: Shooting in the Street.
Jul    3rd - SF Gay Pride Parade.
Jun  26th - Governor, now Mayor, Jerry Brown.
May 29th - The inevitable "cute cat" photographs.
May 24th - A mask or two on Memorial Day.
May 13th - Old guys my age playing rock and roll.
May   5th - SF Cinco de Mayo Parade.
Apr    5th - Food Poisoning.
Mar 26th - Bus Bench Art and an Office Shower.
Mar 12th - Some friends more than 20 years ago.
Mar   8th - Some photos of Phillipa.
Mar   6th - The Sole Proprietor at an earlier age.
Jan  24th - Intro about and without graphics.

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