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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


June 9, 2018


Saturday. Lights out early enough, before ten anyway, but to awaken at close to six-thirty, hurrying to get out the door to walk to breakfast on an overcast morning to arrive just after the restaurant had opened, no one in sight at the front, the lights out. OK. Go to my table, turn on the lights in the dining area, sit down and start on the papers.

Ordered the two strips of bacon, scrambled eggs, country potatoes, toast, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast, reading the Warriors had indeed won by a large margin and that they were going to hold the victory parade this coming Tuesday at eleven. Pictures.

Finished up at a quarter to nine and so did the usual walk home taking the usual pictures plus a couple across from the lake where they'd been setting up what looked like a finish line for a run of some kind. So we'll wander over when we're finished here and see what's up.

Later. Over to the lake, passing two runners who were heading back home on the way and so understanding the race was over and indeed, the crowd smaller than it was earlier this morning. Only a few pictures in a brief walk through the area and then back to the apartment. Too late to get more than this lame excuse for pictures, still not sure what the race was designed to support although there was some mention of sex trafficking.

Lame excuse, lame outing.

Thus it goes. I have a FedEx package arriving today so I'm assuming we're inside now for the rest of the afternoon. Watching golf.

Later still. It hadn't occurred to me the Belmont Stakes might be televised today, but while watching golf I checked NBC to discover they were indeed covering it and so I watched it run. I don't know anything about horses nor have I followed any of the races, but I have a friend I've known and corresponded with now since the underground comix days who owns and raises horses in Florida and keeps a blog where he discusses these races going into detail why he's choosing one horse over another and making a prediction who finishes first, second and third. So I was interested to see if Justify might pull off winning the Triple Crown this afternoon and do it he did, leading the pack right from the gate.

Evening. The package arrived. A lens for the small Nikon 1 that was on sale at two-thirds off its retail price and so I'd ordered it, as it's a zoom with a better range than the one I currently use. Turns out the lens is bigger than the camera body. Hi, ho. Still, nice lens, we'll make do.

The Temescal Street Fair tomorrow and so to bed after another Saturday has been put to rest.

Last Saturday at the Oakland Sex Workers Protest taken with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.