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  April 2004 Archive

Apr    30th  - Made An Addition
Apr    29th  - Recuperation
Apr    24th  - No Complaints
Apr   23rd  - Without Film, Maybe
Apr   22nd  - Long Ago
Apr    21st  - I Will I Said
Apr    19th  - In Front of the Heater
Apr    18th  - Comes To Mind
Apr    17th  - Do You Ever Get?
Apr    16th  - I Suspect
Apr    14th  - In The Shower
Apr    12th  - Life Goes On
Apr    11th  - Where, Why, How
Apr    10th  - Sunday. Easter.
Apr      8th  - To Their Stupidity
Apr      6th  - Been Going Fine
Apr      3rd  - Not Bad
Apr      1st  - Excitement Here

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