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  September 1999 Archive

Sep 29th - Away From The Keyboard
Sep 28th - Art Is Life
Sep 27th - Here In Oakland
Sep 24th - Whiskey In The Evening
Sep 23rd - Stop This
Sep 22nd - He Said
Sep 21st - Chirp!
Sep 20th - Break
Sep 19th - I Need A Drink
Sep 18th - Still In The Dish
Sep 17th - At This Moment
Sep 16th - Cluck!
Sep 15th - Thirty Years Ago
Sep 14th - Mini-Grifter
Sep 13th - Do Better
Sep 12th - City Living
Sep 11th - Fool Around Time
Sep 10th - DSL Grumble
Sep   9th - Sometimes In Journals
Sep   8th - Diapers and Lightening
Sep   7th - Not Dead Yet
Sep   5th - Jeez
Sep   4th - Good Scout
Sep   3rd - Garage Doors and Balconies
Sep   1st - Stock Options

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