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  July 1999 Archive

July 31st - KPFA Protest
July 29th - Tonight It's PBS
July 28th - Thirty Years Back
July 27th - Time For Bed
July 26th - It's Embarrassing
July 25th - Photograph Smoke
July 24th - Not In Print
July 23rd - Lead
July 22nd - One True Sentence
July 20th -  Don't You Think?
July 19th -  Well? Well?
July 18th -  The Party
July 17th -  Seattle Saturday
July 16th -  New Seattle, Old Seattle
July 15th -  Seattle
July 14th -  Time To Pack
July 13th -  Enough Cat Food?
July 12th -  And That's It
July 11th -  Great Special Effects
July 10th -  Still Underwater
July   9th -  The Next Morning
July   8th -  Really
July   7th -  Do It All Over
July   6th -  Save It For Tomorrow
July   5th -  This One's a Bit Boring
July   4th -  Isn't That Wonderful
July   3rd - You're History
July   2nd - Back From the Booth
July   1st - Desert Story (Short)

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