April Archive

Apr    1st - An Outcome
Apr   2nd - Never An Error
Apr    3rd - I'm Allowed
Apr    4th - Last Night
Apr    5th - Look Pretty Good
Apr    6th - Off The Wall
Apr    7th - In The Kitchen
Apr    8th - Starting Well
Apr    9th - Why Not?
Apr  10th - And Over Again
Apr  12th - On The Dash
Apr  13th - Indeed The Question
Apr  14th - In The Morning
Apr  15th - Leave It At That
Apr  16th - Come Friday's Lesson
Apr  17th - Find The Something
Apr  18th - Forward To It
Apr  19th - But Just Some
Apr  20th - Causing Lasting Damage
Apr  21st - Sit In The Cupboard
Apr 22nd - Fast Lane Again
Apr  23rd - Here In Dingle Dell
Apr  24th - Decent Evening Ahead
Apr  25th - Not Like That?
Apr  26th - Another Friday Night
Apr  27th - Starting To Pay Off
Apr  28th - Then Check Again
Apr  29th - Ms. Liu Watson Attractive
Apr  30th - Time On The Guitar

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