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  January Archive

Jan    1st - Road Hours Out
Jan   2nd - Just Because
Jan    3rd - Something Better
Jan    4th - Certainly Not Here
Jan    5th - Being Extravagant
Jan    6th - Little Time
Jan    7th - You Don't Like
Jan    8th - What Indeed
Jan    9th - Talking About
Jan  10th - Finish A Weekend
Jan  11th - I'll Survive
Jan  12th - Goes Well
Jan  13th - A Little Tired
Jan  14th - Regard Tomorrow
Jan  15th - After Dark
Jan  16th - To Getting Done
Jan  17th - Work Itself Out
Jan  18th - Picture Project
Jan  19th - Got To Stop
Jan  20th - Sake Tonight
Jan  21st - They Do, They Do
Jan 22nd - They Again?
Jan  23rd - Evening Ahead
Jan  24th - And Babbling
Jan  25th - More Coming
Jan  26th - These Days
Jan  27th - Undoubtedly Raining
Jan  28th - Luck Tomorrow
Jan  29th - In Its Infancy
Jan  30th - Bring That Up
Jan  31st - We Know Why

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