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  October 2003 Archive

Oct   31st - Rain Or Shine
Oct   29th - Not Nearly Enough
Oct   28th - Cleaner Air
Oct   27th - Ask Anybody
Oct   26th - Do I Do Now?
Oct   25th - Stuffing Envelopes
Oct   24th - Not Really
Oct   23rd - Will Follow
Oct  22nd - Feeling Upbeat
Oct   21st - And Tap
Oct   19th - Keep At It
Oct   18th - Coming Whenever
Oct   17th - Pain In The (Foot)
Oct   15th - Say Otherwise?
Oct   13th - With Me Later
Oct   12th - Knock On Wood
Oct   11th - What's That About?
Oct     8th - Something In Mind
Oct     7th - What Happened?
Oct     5th - Think To Ask
Oct     4th - Carrots With Dinner?
Oct     3rd - Still Be In Bed?
Oct    2nd - In The Back....
Oct     1st - Good About Now

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